Self-Kickflipping Skateboard!

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Tony Hawk challenged me to do a kickflip. I can't do a kickflip. So Activision hired us to make a Self-Kickflipping Skateboard to help me achieve my 30 year old dream of being able to do a kickflip (and to help promote the new remastered version of THPS 1+2!) Will we succeed?! Find out in this episode of Make it Real.
PS: Hey @Braille Skateboarding -- ever seen one of these before!?
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0:00 Teaser
0:20 Intro
1:08 Here's the plan
1:41 Flip testing
4:22 Out of ideas...
4:46 Ben explains!
5:14 Build
7:07 James reviews design
8:27 The final assembly!
9:47 Mousetrap destruction
11:16 It's done
12:00 Testing the board!
13:56 Skatepark
14:45 Outro
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